Gauri Bharihoke

Gauri Bharihoke

MLA, BCSLA Intern – Intermediate Landscape Designer

Gauri came to landscape architecture with a background in architecture design. After studying and practicing architecture for a few years she realized her interest was in designing the outdoor and in-between spaces. This quest led her to pursue a master’s in landscape architecture from NUS, Singapore. With over eight years of international experience as a designer, she is adept at working in diverse contexts, scales, and cultures. Through her career, she has gained extensive experience in residential, commercial, mixed-use, and hospitality and has a multidisciplinary design approach with a strong background in design and good technical skills.

As a lead designer in her previous firms in Singapore, she was involved in all aspects of design from concept design, design development, project management, and client and consultant coordination for both public and private development projects in and around Singapore.

Since joining M2 in 2020, she has been applying her skills and knowledge to design mixed-use, residential projects, and P3 projects in the region. In her role as an Intermediate Landscape Designer, Gauri is responsible for conceptual design, project coordination of projects of varied scale and typologies in Canada. In addition to her skillful project management, she brings innovative and practical design solutions focusing on sustainable design to the table. Outside of work, she enjoys traveling, dancing, and experimenting with home décor.

Professional Development

  • BCSLA Intern, British Columbia Society of Landscape Architect, BC, Canada
  • Registered Architect, Council of Architecture, New Delhi, India